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Industry sectors

Due to our wide product range of over 700 herbs we are able to deliver diverse branches such as 

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • extract manufacturer

  • petfood manufacturer

  • pharmacies/pharmaceutical wholesale

  • tea and spice industry

  • spirit industry

  • contract processing

  • export

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

We are the preferred partner of the phytopharmaceutical industry in Germany and around the world because we ensure the lasting quality of the herbs.

Our expertise in the processing of herbal raw materials means that we are constantly involved in the validation and approval process for new herbal pharmaceuticals.

Extrakt Manufacturer

Extract Manufacturer

We supply extract manufacturers who produce high-quality extracts from our wide range of herbs and fruits. During production, we use select raw materials that are processed in a particularly gentle manner.

Petfood Manufacturer

Petfood Manufacturer

As a feed manufacturer, we produce individual herbal blends in high-quality pharmacopoeia quality.

Pharmacies / Pharmaceutical Wholesale


Pharmaceutical Wholesale

We have a wide range of botanicals and herbal raw materials and are one of the two largest suppliers to pharmacies in Germany and the pharmaceutical wholesale.

Tea and Spice Industry

We develop and produce high-quality extracts from a wide variety of herbs and fruits. During production, we use select raw materials that are processed in a particularly gentle manner. Discover the full diversity of our offer!

Tea and Spice Industry

We not only refine spices and produce spice blends, we also mix high-quality herbal and pharmaceutical teas. Our tea sommelier will be happy to assist you with your individual blends and support you in product development.

Spirit Industry

Spirit Industry

For your spirits we supply domestic and international raw materials of the best quality. With us you will find exactly the ingredients you need for your individual compositions.

Be it for herbal liqueur or for gin production.

Contract Processing

Contract Processing

We provide contract filling and contract manufacturing, and help with the development of product concepts. Our processing is carried out by machines, which are in accordance with GMP guidelines. All production processes are validated.



Export business is becoming increasingly significant and is an important element/pillar of our sales activities. We export not only to other European countries, but also worldwide from America to Israel. In all countries we attach great importance to long-term and fair relationships with our business partners.

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